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Established in 2019, Honné Studio is a Los Angeles-based interior design firm serving the Southern California region and beyond. We specialize in both full-service design & styling for an array of residential and boutique-commercial clients.


Our spaces are most notably characterized by clean lines, rich textures, and warm aesthetics. While each project embodies their own distinctive identity, our approach remains rooted in effortlessly relaxed 'lived-in' luxury, with subtle notes of Southern California character woven throughout.


Raised in Newport Beach, California, Alisha has gravitated towards design and aesthetics from a young age. Interior décor storefronts, consignment boutiques, and local flea markets quickly established themselves as regular weekend activities with her mother. Finding the 'perfect' piece for that tough-to-style space became a thrilling adventure she found herself regularly embarking on. 

After graduating from the University of San Diego, Alisha went on to cultivate a career in Brand Marketing and Content Strategy, working for companies such as CNN and ELLE Magazine - all the while maintaining a steady flow of independent design projects to satisfy her creative itch. 

In 2019, Alisha officially founded Honné Studio as a design  house dedicated to raising the aesthetic standard across all aspects of life. Alisha enjoys bringing a fresh, functional, and Southern California-infused approach to her work. She currently resides in Santa Monica, California with her husband.

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